Cost of fluoridating city water

07-Mar-2016 07:01

In Indiana, most surface water and groundwater has a natural fluoride concentration of 0.1-0.2 milligrams per liter (mg/l).Elements are the basic chemical building blocks for all materials, be they solid, liquid or gas.Santa Cruz (12 on the priority funding schedule), San Diego (18 on the priority funding schedule), and Sunnyvale (81 on the priority funding schedule), are communities whose local regulations on water fluoridation (all in place since 1999) are in conflict with State fluoridation regulations.: Fluoridation ended through a decision by Bertsch District’s water supplier (2013).All Bertsch District water is provided by Crescent City, therefore when Crescent City stopped adding fluoridation chemicals to its water, per ballot measure A (11/6/2012), Bertsch District no longer received fluoridated water (11/8/2012).The capital and operational costs associated with fluoridating all 28 water sources within the City of Santa Clara is prohibitively expensive.Extensive research conducted over the past 50 years has shown that fluoridation of public water supplies is a safe and effective way to reduce tooth decay for all community residents. Community water fluoridation is endorsed by numerous public health and professional organizations, including the American Medical Association, the American Association of Public Health, U. Public Health Service, World Health Organization and the American Dental Association.Drinking fluoridated water, as part of your diet, will provide about 60 percent of the protection necessary to fight against cavities.

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The Council followed its decision with a letter to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, advising the Board of its decision.

Dissolved in water, any compound will dissociate into its component elements, called ions.

Thus fluorine in water is present as the fluoride ion.

there are more cost effective ways to provide dental care; fluoride works topically, no need to ingest; inappropriate to prescribe a medication by approving fluoridation; individuals deserve to decide for themselves.

: Placed a moritorium on water fluoridation (11/6/2012).Water fluoridation is the addition of small amounts of fluoride to a water supply to achieve a fluoride level that helps prevent tooth decay.

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