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So, if they neglect emotional bonding or don’t pay ongoing attention to each other, all parts of the relationship suffer, including the physical expression of love.

Although sexual intimacy is pleasurable, its importance in marriage is not just to have fun; it also strengthens the couple’s bond, helping them to face the many challenges of their life together.

Bob also sees himself as taking a back seat to Mary’s involvement with their children.

While not wishing to complain, Bob thinks their marriage is in trouble.

The Situation Bob and Mary have been married nine years and have two small children, ages eight and six.

Each have demanding full-time jobs and they pride themselves on being involved in their children’s school and social activities.

The two easiest ways to avoid rejection in relationships – don’t have way as ‘rejection’.

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The only way to guarantee you’ll never be rejected is to never try to do anything and to never interact with anyone else, ever.